PORTER Magazine Look #1

Gaga in Fleur Du Mal Leather Bra / Givenchy SS14 Sequin Pants / Valentino SS14 Tassel Kaftan Cape paired with Saint Laurent metallic Cat Booties (click here to see the real look!)

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Preview for my PORTER Magazine collection. Designer clothing worn by Lady Gaga and shot by Inez & Vinoodth / for the Sims 3

"I was a huge fan of The Beatles, Yoko Ono, Stevie Nicks and Led Zeppelin," she says. "I used to emulate that style, wear my mom’s old clothing, go to vintage shops, and I still had that look when I went to college [at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University] and more my little hippie outfits. Then when I was 19 on the Lower East Side, I started experimenting more with glam rock. So this shoot really spans my style from 17 to almost 20. After that, I started to have a little more fun with futurism."

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WIP: Inez & Vinoodth Collection oxidized silver jewerly

Buy yours at Net-a-Porter !

comming soon for The Sims 3

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Gaga in a Roses and Crocodile Skin Leather Bodysuit (click here to see the real look!)

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Gaga in Versace SS14 Bondage Strap Bodice Dress (click here to see the real look!)

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3 Designers in just 1 headpiece - girl had it comming

Gaga in custom DKNY Outfit paired with a Isabell Yalda Hellysaz Mask that’s been customized with rhinestones by Kerin Rose Gold from A-Morir, topped with a flower hat by Arturo Rios (click here to see the real look!)

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MY 200th POST ON TUMBLR! Woohoo! 

Gaga in Sheer Blouse Jumpsuit and House Of Holland "Cagefighters Bone" Sunglasses (click here to see the real look!)

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what actions do you use?






Funny you would ask!  

Actually, I don’t use actions at all.  I edit all my photos by hand.

But here’s a quick tutorial for you:

Preheat your oven to 450 Kelvins: 


Next, stick your photo in a Crock Pot - it has to be a green Pot for this to work (420 blaze it).


After that, shove a bottle of ketchup, some Tostitos Salsa dip (mild), and some tortilla lookin’ things in there.


Then, get a dog.  Just shove it in there for some added flavor.  


Now put your Crock Pot of goodness into the oven for 20 minutes until you smell the distinct scent of boiling ketchup.  


And…. You’re done!  Congrats.  Now you know how to edit like a pro.



This is why I follow her

OMG XD I’m dying xD

so why isn’t this viral yet? 

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I need you more than dope.

love u ~

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Let it shine bright, ARTPOP

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