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Anonymous sent: Please continue making more Miley stuff!!! :D

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - Cheek to Cheek is dropping tomorrow, September 23rd!

Listen to all the songs now [here] and pre-order the album if you didn’t yet or buy the album at multiple stores tomorrow including Target (with a deluxe Target version), Walmart and even more!

Picture by: artsims

Bitches love Pizza

a short story by artsims

Anonymous sent: wow, you made me like Gaga & Miley.


jk that’s awesome omg that impact is real

Anonymous sent: your works are really AWSOME! can you do Miley's hot pink costume from the SMS (Bangerz) performance that she used in Vancouver?

Thanks! the Bangerz tour costumes are next, I can assure you and others that :)

Anonymous sent: OMG. I love your new Miley downloads. Please please please can you do some Iggy Azalea outfits? Please! You're so talented.

Thanks so much! I don’t really like Iggy hahaha

M I L E Y ♔ C Y R U S - We Can’t Stop

I’m so proud of this one because this gotta be my most realistic swimsuit texture yet and it’s still transparent! It’s the Minimale Animale Golden Triangle Swimsuit that was born by MILEY & IGGY AZAELA

Y/A Female

Everyday ++ Swimwear

comes as s3pack and package files - includes morphs and custom Launcher & CAS thumbnals

D O W N L O A D Here

Anonymous sent: Can you please make a tutorial how you make your miley sim? What sliders you use what make up you use what hair you use etc. I know you said that you use a miley from tsr as a base but I want to know what you do to make her more miley. Thanks in advance for answer. Keep up the amazing work what you do. I love you so much that I can't even breath.


Thank you so much for the compliment, I’m so gad you like my work! :D and oh well, >.< I’ll try!

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momosims replied to your post “Could you reupload the Chanel Pre-Fall 2008 without the dog ears and earrings please???”

Actaully I found out how to use alpha with acc. It’s actually pretty easy

the thing is that whenever I use alpha on acc, it shows me in game that the acc only works for people who have the World Adventures EP

Anonymous sent: Could you reupload the Chanel Pre-Fall 2008 without the dog ears and earrings please??? <3

Just got like two asks from people who asked me already to seperate some accessories from the clothes and I sadly have to decline it. It’s not as easy for me as you guys think. I mostly do that because a) It saves space and b) Many of my accessories only work with alpha, and I can only use that aslong as it’s part of the outfit. Sorry guys :(